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  • Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance stated due to recent stock market volatility. The performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate and there is no assurance that the objective of any funds will be achieved. Mutual fund shares are redeemable at the then current net asset value. Please go to www.corebridgefinancial.com/retirementservices/feedisclosure for current month-end performance.
AS OF DATE: 12/31/2023
Standard performance values are inclusive of Surrender and Withdrawal charges as applicable.

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Fund NameSub AdvisorFund #Asset ClassYTD1 Year3 Years5 Years10 Years /
10 Years /
Inception DateInclusion DateExpense Ratio
DIVIDEND VALUE • BlackRock/ClearBridge021LARGE CAP 11.89%11.89%8.35%9.31%7.50%7.50%12/08/200012/08/20001.28%
SYSTEMATIC VALUE • Wellington075LARGE CAP 10.52%10.52%10.10%9.65%6.88%6.88%12/05/20055/30/20061.09%
VANGUARD WINDSOR II Vanguard024LARGE CAP 19.96%19.96%9.70%13.90%9.12%9.12%6/24/19857/01/19961.19%
STOCK INDEX FUND • SunAmerica010LARGE CAP 25.05%25.05%9.00%14.63%11.00%11.00%4/20/19874/20/19870.85%
SYSTEMATIC CORE FUND • Goldman Sachs016LARGE CAP 23.29%23.29%7.72%14.73%10.81%10.81%4/29/19947/11/19941.24%
US SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FUND • SunAmerica141LARGE CAP 20.97%20.97%8.02%13.81%10.74%10.74%9/22/19989/22/19980.96%
AMER BEACON BRDWY LRG CP GRW I American Beacon090LARGE CAP 30.23%30.23%5.24%14.89%13.92%10.69%2/05/201612/18/20171.72%
GROWTH FUND • BlackRock/SunAmerica078LARGE CAP 46.07%46.07%3.74%15.58%11.73%11.73%12/05/20055/30/20061.25%
LARGE CAPITAL GROWTH • MFS079LARGE CAP 23.20%23.20%7.45%16.00%12.06%12.06%12/20/20045/30/20061.35%
NASDAQ-100(R) INDEX FUND • SunAmerica046LARGE CAP 53.57%53.57%8.97%21.27%16.56%16.56%10/01/200011/01/20001.04%
SYSTEMATIC GROWTH FUND • Goldman/Wellington072LARGE CAP 43.94%43.94%0.42%11.79%11.14%11.14%11/01/200011/01/20001.28%
VC I CAPITAL APPRECIATION • Columbia139LARGE CAP 40.32%40.32%9.04%16.18%11.79%11.79%9/22/19989/22/19981.40%
ARIEL APPRECIATION FUND Ariel069MID CAP 9.96%9.96%6.19%9.62%5.68%5.68%12/01/198911/01/20001.70%
MID CAP VALUE FUND • Wellington/Boston Partners138MID CAP 16.28%16.28%10.35%12.47%7.52%7.52%9/22/19989/22/19981.42%
MID CAP INDEX FUND • SunAmerica004MID CAP 15.25%15.25%7.05%11.54%8.27%8.27%10/01/199110/01/19910.96%
MID CAP STRATEGIC GWTH • Janus/Voya083MID CAP 21.68%21.68%2.48%14.48%9.73%9.73%12/20/20045/30/20061.37%
ARIEL FUND Ariel068SMALL CAP 15.12%15.12%6.38%10.29%6.89%6.89%11/06/198611/01/20001.58%
SMALL CAP SPECIAL VALUE FUND • Allspring084SMALL CAP 18.43%18.43%9.35%11.02%7.65%7.65%12/05/20055/30/20061.49%
SMALL CAP VALUE FUND • JP Morgan136SMALL CAP 12.12%12.12%8.24%9.45%5.79%5.79%9/22/19989/22/19981.41%
SMALL CAP INDEX FUND • SunAmerica014SMALL CAP 15.66%15.66%1.24%8.92%6.24%6.24%5/01/19925/01/19921.00%
SMALL CAP GROWTH FUND • JP Morgan135SMALL CAP 13.60%13.60%(10.32)%9.53%8.33%8.33%9/22/19989/22/19981.51%
GLOBAL STRATEGY • Franklin/Brandywine088GLOBAL & INTL EQUITY14.91%14.91%0.86%2.92%1.77%1.77%12/05/20055/30/20061.31%
INTL SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FUND• SunAmerica012GLOBAL & INTL EQUITY17.64%17.64%2.94%8.03%6.32%6.32%10/02/198910/02/19891.21%
EMERGING ECONOMIES • JP Morgan087GLOBAL & INTL EQUITY11.45%11.45%(5.95)%2.69%1.28%1.28%12/05/20055/30/20061.56%
INTERNATIONAL GROWTH FUND • Morgan Stanley020GLOBAL & INTL EQUITY16.96%16.96%(4.52)%8.88%4.99%4.99%12/08/200012/08/20001.48%
INTERNATIONAL VALUE FUND • Allspring089GLOBAL & INTL EQUITY13.70%13.70%2.31%5.27%1.03%1.03%12/05/20055/30/20061.39%
INTERNATL EQUITIES INDEX FUND • SunAmerica011GLOBAL & INTL EQUITY16.55%16.55%3.01%7.06%3.33%3.33%10/02/198910/02/19891.03%
INTL OPPORTUNITIES • Invesco/Wellington133GLOBAL & INTL EQUITY13.60%13.60%(3.29)%5.71%4.31%4.31%9/22/19989/22/19981.60%
GLOBAL REAL ESTATE FUND • Duff&Phelps/MFS101SPECIALTY 9.36%9.36%(0.62)%2.54%3.04%3.04%3/10/20085/01/20081.48%
INVESCO BAL RISK COMMOD STR R5 Invesco102SPECIALTY (3.71)%(3.71)%7.01%6.44%(0.36)%(0.36)%11/30/201011/01/20111.75%
SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FUND • BlackRock/Voya/Wellington017SPECIALTY 54.87%54.87%1.50%17.71%15.00%15.00%4/29/19947/11/19941.53%
AGGRESSIVE GROWTH LIFESTYLE • JP Morgan148HYBRID 16.40%16.40%3.90%9.23%6.20%6.20%9/22/19989/22/19981.22%
DYNAMIC ALLOCATION FUND • AllianceBernstein/SunAmerica103SPECIALTY 12.64%12.64%0.91%6.29%4.39%4.39%12/19/201212/26/20121.41%
MODERATE GROWTH LIFESTYLE • JP Morgan149HYBRID 13.46%13.46%2.96%8.00%5.50%5.50%9/22/19989/22/19981.20%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2015 ADV T. Rowe Price104HYBRID 12.03%12.03%1.15%6.10%4.65%4.61%5/31/200712/30/20141.35%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2020 ADV T. Rowe Price105HYBRID 12.49%12.49%1.40%6.73%5.15%5.13%10/31/200312/30/20141.38%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2025 ADV T. Rowe Price106HYBRID 13.65%13.65%1.76%7.52%5.69%5.70%5/31/200712/30/20141.39%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2030 ADV T. Rowe Price107HYBRID 15.33%15.33%2.23%8.33%6.21%6.25%10/31/200312/30/20141.42%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2035 ADV T. Rowe Price108HYBRID 17.13%17.13%2.79%9.11%6.67%6.75%5/31/200712/30/20141.44%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2040 ADV T. Rowe Price109HYBRID 18.56%18.56%3.24%9.75%7.05%7.17%10/31/200312/30/20141.45%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2045 ADV T. Rowe Price110HYBRID 19.45%19.45%3.65%10.23%7.30%7.44%5/31/200712/30/20141.47%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2050 ADV T. Rowe Price111HYBRID 19.77%19.77%3.75%10.31%7.33%7.48%12/29/200612/30/20141.48%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2055 ADV T. Rowe Price112HYBRID 19.76%19.76%3.71%10.27%7.30%7.45%5/31/200712/30/20141.49%
T ROWE PRICE RETIRMNT 2060 ADV T. Rowe Price113HYBRID 19.73%19.73%3.72%10.26%7.08%7.45%6/23/201412/30/20141.49%
VANGUARD LIFESTRATEGY CONSER Vanguard054HYBRID 11.53%11.53%(0.39)%4.62%3.88%3.88%9/30/19949/22/19980.97%
VANGUARD LIFESTRATEGY GROWTH Vanguard052HYBRID 17.55%17.55%3.09%8.90%6.45%6.45%9/30/19949/22/19980.99%
VANGUARD LIFESTRATEGY MODERA Vanguard053HYBRID 14.51%14.51%1.35%6.77%5.20%5.20%9/30/19949/22/19980.98%
VC I CONSERV GROWTH LIFESTYLE • JP Morgan150HYBRID 10.64%10.64%0.47%5.41%3.75%3.75%9/22/19989/22/19981.24%
ASSET ALLOCATION FUND • JP Morgan005HYBRID 17.64%17.64%4.29%7.63%4.98%4.98%9/06/19839/06/19831.29%
VANGUARD WELLINGTON FUND INC Vanguard025HYBRID 13.34%13.34%4.35%8.64%6.96%6.96%7/01/19297/01/19961.10%
CORE BOND FUND • PineBridge158FIXED INCOME 5.88%5.88%(3.77)%1.22%1.53%1.53%9/22/19989/22/19981.10%
GOVERNMENT SECURITIES FUND • JP Morgan008FIXED INCOME 3.59%3.59%(3.87)%(0.07)%0.66%0.66%1/16/19861/16/19861.27%
INFLATION PROTECTED FUND • PineBridge077FIXED INCOME 3.47%3.47%(1.17)%2.43%1.52%1.52%12/20/20042/22/20051.15%
VANGUARD LONG-TERM TREASURY Vanguard023FIXED INCOME 2.69%2.69%(12.01)%(1.91)%1.60%1.60%5/19/19867/01/19960.80%
VANGUARD LT INV-GRADE FUND Vanguard022FIXED INCOME 8.62%8.62%(7.98)%1.35%3.13%3.13%7/09/19737/01/19960.81%
INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT BOND • PineBridge013FIXED INCOME 5.35%5.35%(6.36)%(0.55)%0.05%0.05%10/01/199110/01/19911.36%
HIGH YIELD BOND FUND • Wellington160FIXED INCOME 12.47%12.47%1.20%4.78%3.78%3.78%9/22/19989/22/19981.28%
GS VIT GOV MONEY MKT FD INST Goldman Sachs161FIXED INCOME 4.42%4.42%1.21%0.58%3.33%10/16/20135/02/20220.78%
FIXED ACCOUNT PLUS 001FIXED INCOME 3.50%3.50%1.84%2.49%2.03%2.03%
SHORT TERM FIXED ACCOUNT 002FIXED INCOME 1.00%1.00%1.00%1.00%1.00%1.00%


  • Corebridge Retirement Services represents Corebridge Financial member companies - The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC) and its subsidiaries, VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. (VFA) and VALIC Retirement Services Company (VRSCO). All are members of Corebridge Financial, Inc.
  • The current 7-day yield as of 1/31/2024 for Goldman Sachs VIT Government Money Market Instl Fund is 4.60%. This yield more closely reflects the current earnings of the money market fund than does the total average annual return. Yields do not reflect deduction of surrender charges or premium taxes, if applicable.
  • You could lose money by investing in the Money Market Fund ("Fund"). Although the Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it cannot guarantee it will do so. An investment in the Fund is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. The Fund's sponsor has no legal obligation to provide financial support to the Fund, and you should not expect that the sponsor will provide financial support to the Fund at any time.
  • A variety of investment options are available in different plans. Please review your plan for a list of available options or call your financial advisor at 1-800-448-2542 (option 2).
  • The inclusion data found in this chart are based upon the date the funds were included in the Separate Account or for the General Account, when added to the contract. The inception data and returns are based on the date the underlying fund began operation.
  • All underlying funds listed (except where noted) are available for 401(a), 403(a), 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) eligible deferred compensation plans, as well as individual retirement annuities. Investment options bearing the "• " symbol are available in nonqualified, tax-deferred variable annuities [under IRC Section 72], ineligible deferred-compensation 457(f) plans and for-profit top-hat plans.
  • For funds with less than a full year of performance the returns are cumulative.
  • Fixed Account Plus contributions received and deposited during a given month will earn that month's current interest rate for the remainder of that calendar year (for all contract series except 7.0, 7.20, 7.40, 12.0, 12.20, 12.40, and 13.20). The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company intends (though does not guarantee) to pay this same interest rate for those deposits and transfers through the end of the following calendar year. The current interest rate may differ from month to month.
  • All Fixed Account Plus deposits for series 7.0, 7.20, 7.40, 12.0, 12.20, 12.40, and 13.20 will earn the declared interest rate until that rate is changed.
  • Returns for fixed options were calculated assuming a lump-sum deposit on the first day of each period and interest credited to the account according to The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company's interest crediting policy. Equivalent rates were used, even though the contract may not have been available for sale during all periods shown.
  • The interest rate for the Short-Term Fixed Account is declared annually in January. All Short-Term Fixed Account deposits will earn the annual declared interest rate for the remainder of that calendar year. Interest is credited daily and subject to the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.
  • Please refer to your contract for the minimum guarantee rate. The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company's interest-crediting policy for rates above the contractual guarantee rate is subject to change.
  • Performance numbers for Fixed Account Plus and/or Short Term Fixed are based on annualized returns. Premium taxes will be deducted when required by state law.
  • The VALIC Company I Lifestyle Funds and the VALIC Company I Dynamic Allocation Fund invest in the funds offered in VALIC Company I. The Vanguard LifeStrategy Funds invest in other Vanguard funds. Thus, each "Fund of Funds" indirectly bears the fees and expenses of those acquired funds.
  • Annuity contracts typically include limitations, exclusions and expense charges, which are described in the current Portfolio Director prospectus. Fees include Separate Account fees, which range from 0.25% to 1.25% depending on the contract, and Annual Net Fund Expenses, which range from 0.12% to 1.15% for the variable options. The current Annual Net Fund Expense is the current Annual Total Fund Expense less contractual expense waivers or reimbursements. Fees are subject to change based on expense waivers and reimbursements. Additionally, account maintenance fees of $3.75 per quarter and surrender charges may apply, depending on your contract.
  • Bear in mind that annuities also provide additional features and benefits, including, but not limited to, a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed lifetime income options, for which a Separate Account fee is charged.
  • Trading may be limited based on VALIC's Investor Trading policy which is available online at www.corebridgefinancial.com/policies/investor-trading. Funds, other than VALIC Company I, may impose additional limitations on the number of trades in and out of the fund. Please see the fund's prospectus for more information.
  • Annuities are long-term retirement products designed for retirement. Withdrawals may be subject to federal and/or state income taxes. Federal restrictions and a 10% federal early withdrawal tax penalty may apply if taken before age 59 ½. Early withdrawals may be subject to withdrawal charges. Partial withdrawals may reduce benefits and contract value.
  • Retirement plans and accounts that satisfy relevant qualification rules, such as 403(b)s, IRAs, 401(k)s, etc., can be tax-deferred regardless of whether or not they are funded with an annuity. If you are considering funding a tax-qualified retirement plan or account with an annuity, you should know that an annuity does not provide any additional tax-deferred treatment of earnings beyond the tax deferral of the tax-qualified retirement plan or account itself.
  • The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC), VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc, (VFA) and VALIC Retirement Services Company VRSCO. Members of Corebridge Financial Inc.
  • Returns reflect overall changes in accumulation unit value from the beginning to the end of the periods shown, after deduction of fund expenses. Standardized returns reflect the deduction of account maintenance fees and surrender charges but do not reflect the deduction of premium taxes or optional rider fees, if applicable. Non-Standardized returns do not reflect deduction of account maintenance fees, surrender charges, premium taxes or optional rider fees, if applicable.
  • The principal value of an investment in a Target Date fund is not guaranteed at any time including at or after the target maturity date. The target date is the approximate date when investors plan to start withdrawing their money. The fund will gradually shift its emphasis from more aggressive investments to more conservative ones based on its target date.
  • Policy Form series UIT-194, UITG-194 and UITG-194P, a fixed and variable annuity issued by VALIC, Houston, Texas.
  • Annuities issued by VALIC, Houston, Texas. Variable annuities distributed by its affiliate, Corebridge Capital Services, Inc. ("CCS"), member FINRA. Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of VALIC.
  • Securities and investment advisory services offered through VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc. ("VFA"), member FINRA, SIPC and an SEC-registered investment advisor.
  • Fund Expense Ratio includes the net fund expense plus any applicable separate account fee.
  • Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, fees, charges and expenses before investing. This and other important information is contained in the variable annuity product and underlying fund prospectuses, which can be obtained from your financial professional or visit http://www.corebridgefinancial.com/RetirementServices or call 1-800-428-2542 and follow the prompts. Read the prospectuses carefully before investing.
  • Historical returns for periods prior to the inclusion date are hypothetically adjusted returns. These returns are derived from the performance of the corresponding mutual fund, adjusted to reflect the charges and expenses of the annuity product as if the underlying fund had been available in the Separate Account during the stated period.
  • * 10 Years/Inclusion: The data in this column is based on the lesser of 10 years or the date the funds were included in the annuity product.
  • ** 10 Years/Inception: The data in this column is based on the lesser of 10 years or the inception date of the fund.